Organic Pure CBD cream

Our Story

Bran’s Craft was founded with the goal of creating quality natural organic skin care products at a fair price.  Bringing ethics and integrity to the industry of skin care.

Brian has been taking care of his ailing mother for many years.  Suffering from seizures, and skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis for a lifetime.  Seeing his mother suffered from an industry that relied on quick fixes made him frustrated that there was nothing but toxic ingredients being recommended that his mother refused to take. 

Brian was determined and set out on a mission to research the skin care industry and its ingredients.  Coming from a finance and research background, he conducted a in depth analysis.  It was not long before he discovered many problems within the industry.  Companies make you believe you are getting something you are not.  He was troubled by the apparent misleading information in the industry. That didn’t make much sense to him.  After working in one of the most highly regulated industries and environments, it was troubling to see so many companies interested in profits over ethics and integrity.

Frustration came quickly as very few if any regulations existed for skin care industry.  Discovering many ingredients are banned throughout the world including Canada and the UK but are legal here in the US came with an uneasy feeling.

Brian’s Craft is Born

Brian set out on a global mission to find the best ingredients throughout the world.  Visiting 37 countries in a short amount of time.  He discovered many natural organic ingredients that have been used for centuries in certain regions of the world.  He discovered many natural organic ingredients on a wholistic level that remedy many skin issues with out the use of toxic ingredients.  Making batch after batch.  Researching 100’s of ingredients.  Experimenting on himself for years.  Giving away samples to friends and family led him to the right ingredients to help naturally those with similar problems.  He determined the right ingredients for his mother, sister and himself.  As Brian got older, he suffered form dermatitis and was looking for a natural remedy with-out the use of steroid creams and ointments.  Becoming frustrated again, he set out to create a skin care line that is natural, organic and non-toxic.

In 2019, Brian’s Craft was born.  Here to bring you the best nature has to offer.  Quality products at a fair price with ethics and integrity.  Do they work for everyone?  NO.  But, it’s a start!  And, with his determination and we mean DETERMINATION, we are only going to get better!  Join us as we enter the future of skin care!


The Brian’s Craft Team